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A Team of Passionate Creatives, Designers, Artisans, Innovators & Craftspeople

Collaboration is key. Everybody involved gets the limelight. Transparency and fostering talent.  

We have the right team for your creative project. We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great for you as well.

We believe in art and the creative expression being at the beginning of each project. Our expertese is in all things fashion, handcraft, thinking out of the box, coaching and connecting creative minds and teams.

Our Story

We are a Collective of creative professionals in the area of fashion, design and self development.

Everyone at ARVET works independently but brings his/her network together for the creative projects we take on.

We work intergenerational and transcultural.


Our Design Process

We listen. Research. Design. Source. Deliver.


After having met you and understood your Design idea we research for inspiration and presenting our findings to you.


Design is creating with intention and purpose. We build a concept and story around the Design and required product.


Our professional network is global and extensive. We source materials/components/producers with sustainability in mind.



We pride ourselves in understanding timing und agreeing realistic lead times to produce and finalise project.

Current Projects include:

•Embroidery Designs for Fashion Houses- Motto: ‚global art embroidered‘

•Sustainable Fashion Face Masks for MIMYK

•Developing/Concept Writing for Fashion Projects in the global south

•Concept & Execution of 4-Day Workshop :“ Sustainability in Fashion“ in the context of the relevant country in which the workshop is held in

•Personal Development & Coaching Workshops-„THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX“ and „Understanding & Managing our personal resources-personal sustainability“




Contact Us

Contact us with any inquiries, ideas, questions, possible projects…..